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"Rosie Slater is a powerhouse... When they go on, it is obvious that she is a pivotal part of the band."

- Gabrielle Steib, Tom Tom Magazine

"Slater is both a talented musician and a very effective backing vocalist. Her powerhouse drumming brings to mind the percussive excellence of Live At Leeds-era Keith Moon."

- John Curley, Goldmine Magazine

Photo: Brent Schroeter

Raised by two musicians in New York, Rosie Slater started playing drums at the age of 9. She has appeared on recordings for artists including Frank Ocean, Wolfgang Tillmans, Stevie Van Zandt, and Darlene Love. Rosie has also been spotted live, playing drums, percussion, and singing background vocals with Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello, Lesley Gore, Ben E. King, Kristin Kontrol, Torres, Doe Paoro and others. A member of the Steve Madden “Self-Made” crew, you can see Rosie around NYC regularly with her band, New Myths, and also as a member of Delicate Steve, Sharkmuffin, and Catty.

Rosie is a Paiste and Sunhouse artist.


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